Reach for the moon

We’re all familiar with this idiom as it’s become a motivational platitude for attainment.  However, what if we applied this phrase literally to manifesting our desires, dreams, and hopes?  It may sound a bit bizarre, but in utilizing the different moon phases to our advantageous benefit, we can harness our dreams into reality.

The Moon is so powerful that it is responsible for moving oceans, affecting water tides, and the growth of plants.  Being that we are comprised of at least 70% water, the moon has an impact on our emotions and how we conduct our day to day affairs.  

Each lunar cycle lasts about 29 days with the moon staying in each one of the 12 zodiac signs for an average of 2.5 days, with a total of eight different phases.  The list below are the moon phases and a brief synopsis of how we can use it to conquer our wants.  

New Moon– clean slate, new beginnings, setting intentions

Waning Crescent– birthing, fresh energy, focus on details 

First Quarter– taking action, paying attention, momentum 

Waning Gibbous– revise, edit, patience 

Full Moon– peak energy, gratitude, blessings

Waxing Gibbous– release, harvest, nurture others

Last Quarter– readjustment, transition, forgiveness

Waxing Crescent/Balsamic– surrender, rest, rejuvenate

This is a brief outline of how you can germinate your wants by proper intention and action plans.  In a couple of days, you will get a more detailed post on each phase leading up to the full moon along with your manifesto.  This game plan, if conducted properly and accordingly will propel you into forward movement in achieving your heart’s desires so stay tuned!

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