A new moon is the start of an approximately 29 day lunar cycle. Because it is positioned between the earth and the sun with the sun shining on the side that we physically cannot see, it appears to be void.  It signifies birth as this is a clean slate for all of us to start anew.   You can view the moon phases post here as a blueprint on manifesting desires into fruition.  Below is a simple four step ritual for the new moon:

1-Reflect on your old goals and set new ones

Is there anything still on the back burner that is yearning for creation?  If so, then this may be just the right time for you to begin that long awaited project.  If not, think about what you want your life to look like in the future but visualize it as if were already here.

2-Write down your list on a piece of paper

Be simplistically specific.  Keep it minimal (about 3-5 things will suffice for this cycle). I.E If you see yourself as a writer, jot that down. It’s important that when you write down what it is you want in your life, to speak it as if it is already here.  If you say “I want” or “I will” then it will only further delay the process.  Rather, say “I am” or “I have”.  However, what kind of writer are you?  Young adult novelist, short stories, journalist for a major newspaper?  The universe will deliver to us EXACTLY what we ask for so this is an important step.  Take the time to reflect on your heart’s desires because it may not coincide with your mind’s wants.  Follow your intuition on this.

3-Prepare yourself mentally, physically, & spiritually

We will be using the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) for this step. Light a candle.  Smudge yourself and your space (be sure to open the doors and windows as you don’t want any negative energy trapped in your home) with sage and/or Palo Santo.  Meditate on your intentions.  Take a bath and focus on your intentions.  Walk outside and declare to the moon with conviction and resolve on what it is you want.  Put your paper away in a scared space until the full moon (you will need this for that ritual).

4-Express Gratitude

This is by far the most important of all the steps.  We simply cannot expect goods delivered to us when we have a sour puss attitude.  If people are rude to us, we don’t really find incentive to be nice back.  This is how the universe works-it literally gives us what we give it.  It feeds on our vibrations and energetic frequencies.  Be genuine and sincere for all of your blessings and thank the moon, universe, spirit guides, higher self, etc. (whoever it is that you resonate with) for not only listening to you BUT already providing you with everything that you just asked for.  Thanking the universe in advance for what you already have is the key contributor to your intentions and manifestations.

While it’s best to manifest your intentions within an eight hour window of each new moon as that is when the potency is at it’s highest, you can always do this the evening before or the evening after when the effects will still be felt.  After completing your new moon ritual, wait until the next moon cycle to start acting upon it.  The moon is completely void-it’s empty so to speak.  So, starting a new project will not have the effects that you want it to as this is the planting the seeds stage.  The next post which will be out in just a couple of days will provide you with the guidance necessary to start with the action plan so stay tuned!

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