Welcome to phase four!

By now, you are more than half way through until we have the full moon in a couple of days.  We are in the gibbous phase and this is where we start to see the fruits of our labor paying off.  The keyword for this abundance and below are the steps for your manifestation process.

1- Express Gratitude 

This is usually the last step, but being that this is the final phase before the impending full moon, I feel it’s necessary to start and end with this.  Not to mention, if you have been diligent about taking action and following through on your intentions, then you would have noticed rewards being bestowed upon you by this point.   Thank whoever and whatever you call upon for inner guidance for courage for gracing you with the abundance that you have been given for the past week and a half.  

2- Be Patient

Patience is a Virtue- Socrates

It can be frustrating at times when we don’t get what we ask for on a whim but that’s life.  The universe wants to make sure that we truly want this, because if we did, we would work with such a ruthless determination and tenacious ambition to attain what we know is ours.  However, if we give up, that’s a lesson in itself that we never truly wanted it in the first place, we only attempted to convince ourselves that we did.  So, if things aren’t at the pace that you would like them to be at, then reflect on it.  

3- Refine

Are you doing everything that you can to accomplish what you set out to do?  Is there anything different that you can be doing to invest in yourself?  Reevaluate and reassess where the stagnation( if any) may possibly be.  Readjust according to your heart’s desires.  Be honest with yourself.

4- Express Gratitude 

You probably guessed it by now…the more that we practice gratitude for everything, the more we get in return.  We simply cannot expect goods delivered to us when we have a sour puss attitude.  If people are rude to us, we don’t really find incentive to be nice back.  This is how the universe works.  It feeds on our vibrations and energetic frequencies.  Be genuine and sincere for all of your blessings and thank the moon, universe, spirit guides, higher self, etc.(whoever it is that you resonate with) for not only listening to you BUT already providing you with everything that you just asked for.

That’s it for now and see you during the full moon when we start bringing the culmination of our intentions to a conclusion.

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