Before I start off with this post, I really feel compelled to say that femininity is not about being the 1950’s cookie cutter spineless doormat whose existence is defined by living in a perpetual state of submission.  It’s actually the exact opposite.  Here is my definition…


It is about living your truth while spreading the light to others.  It is about being so comfortable in your own skin and knowing the WHOLE you, that no one can take away your power.  By your power, I mean losing your cool when it’s simply not worth it.  It’s not by any means never standing up for yourself, because you should never allow anyone to disrespect you, but rather standing up for yourself in a dignified manner. 

It’s about saying thank you with grace because anything less is just downright rude.  It’s about giving others the benefit of the doubt when they make a mistake that you deem to be unacceptable because forgiveness is not synonymous to reconciliations, but rather you having a peace of mind.  It’s about being polite to others even when you feel that you don’t have the energy for it.  It’s about being a compassionate friend, lover, husband (yes, husband because we all have to find the equilibrium of our masculinity and femininity), sister, mother, girlfriend, etc. Because anything short of compassion is callous.  It’s about being un-apologetically and authentically you because anything less is dishonest.  It’s about honesty because there wouldn’t be true happiness with dishonesty.  It’s about learning to say no to others without guilt because guilt is not an emotion to harbor when you’re attempting to take care of yourself. It’s about being the embodiment of who you aspire to be because your wise enough to know that you don’t have eternity.  It’s about embracing every fiber in your body with the utmost adoration and respect because if you don’t, who will? It’s about being your own best friend because the fact of the matter is that you’re the person that you’re going to have the longest relationship with in your life. It’s about not letting anyone infiltrate your zen because, well, it doesn’t need elaboration.  It’s about mastering your mind because being a slave to it means your living in a perpetual state of submission. 

We all have masculine and feminine sides to us, so it’s about balancing both aspects in a harmonious manner.  The yin and the yang, when placed together, make a perfect circle.  That’s what embracing our feminine sides is all about-to complement our masculinity.

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