Welcome to Phase 3!  Waxing/Half Moon 

This phase is where we really start to observe our progress and setbacks.  The keyword for this is GROWTH so feel free to create a mantra for these next couple of days to administer it in your moon magic work.

1- Release Any Negativity

Being that we cannot achieve success without failure, it’s only natural that we incur roadblocks along the way.  However, it’s how we react to these situations that creates our realities.  We can fester on this and submit to this as our outcome, or we can take this as an opportunity to learn from it.  Whether it’s fear, frustration, anger, or whatever other annoying emotion that’s creeping in the surface of your mind, let it go.  Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day on what’s positive.  Don’t use negativity in your mantra.  For example, let’s say the emotion that’s holding you back is anger.  Don’t Let your mantra be “I I do not have fear,” but rather “I am filled with an abundance of courage within me.”  Give all of your worries away to the universe so that you can focus on you and your goals.

2- Keep Working

It’s important to take breaks when necessary but it’s also equally important to keep the momentum in order to build upon what had started as intentions.  Chart your progress along the way because even if it’s only been one thing checked off from that list of ten things that needed to be done, it’s still ten percent more than you had achieved less than a week ago.  Don’t give up.

3- Express Gratitude 

Yes, redundant…I know.  The more that we practice gratitude for everything, the more we get in return.  We simply cannot expect goods delivered to us when we have a sour puss attitude.  If people are rude to us, we don’t really find incentive to be nice back.  This is how the universe works.  It feeds on our vibrations and energetic frequencies.  Be genuine and sincere for all of your blessings and thank the moon, universe, spirit guides, higher self, etc(whoever it is that you resonate with) for not only listening to you BUT already providing you with everything that you just asked for.

Good luck to all of you following this!  Be sure to stop by in a couple of days for the next leg of our moon phase journey of manifesting.  

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