108 magic affirmations: reprogram your subconscious mind

It’s all about magic today.  With 108 magic affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, you’ll awaken the magic within.

Magic isn’t just limited to the seers and mystics of the world.  All you have to do is believe that magic exists within you to create magic around you.  

What you can do is start by reprogramming your subconscious mind to make your life rain with magic.  

The conscious mind is operating at 5% of the time whereas the subconscious mind is working overtime at 95% of the time.  The conscious mind, which is the creative mind, can’t possibly succeed if the subconscious mind, which is the habit mind, is the dominant mind in your life.

That’s where changing the habits of your subconscious mind comes in through 108 magic affirmations.  Now, I said this is different and here’s why:

You’re going to be saying these affirmations right before you go to bed at night.  If the last thoughts of each evening are filled with you having magical thoughts, the subconscious mind will start to repair itself, if you will, to more conducive thought patterns.  

While the subconscious mind is always active, it’s fairly difficult to reprogram it during the day from all the external distractions.  So in saying the affirmations right before you go to bed, you’re giving your subconscious mind a chance to work its magic by bringing in more aligned ways of thinking.  Essentially, bringing in more magic.

This isn’t about instant gratification.  You can’t do this one evening and expect to be showered with magic the very next morning. 

Your subconscious mind is your habit mind so it won’t believe it overnight.  Habits take on average 21 days to develop.  Which means this has to be conducted for at least 21 days before you notice the effects.  

You can say all 108 magic affirmations right before bed or you can choose one from the list and say it 108 times.  Starting out, it would be easier to not have to count 108 affirmations, so I would stick with just reading through the list.  

If you’re thinking that 108 affirmations is such a random number, there’s symbolism behind it.  

To get into 108 more in depth, I would need to write an entire post based on the significance of the number.  To simplify this,108 represents the whole of existence based on Eastern traditions.

Here’s just a few examples of what 108 represents:

  • There are 108 energy centers within the human body.
  • The distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun.
  • The diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth.
  • The distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon.
  • The holy writings of the Tibetans have 108 sacred texts.
  • It is believed in Jain tradition there are 108 virtues.
  • Tibetan Buddhism is said to have 108 sins.
  • According to the Chinese healing and Ayurveda, there are 108 acupressure points in the body.
  • A mala necklace consists of 108 mala beads.
  • It’s been said that there are 108 types of meditation.
  • It’s also been said there are 108 paths to God.
  • The Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter.
  • Hindu deities have 108 names.

I think you get the point now and I’ve just only begun to scratch the surface area of the significance 108 plays in creation and existence.  Now that you can see the vast symbolism behind 108- from texts and scriptures to math, I’m sure you can also understand why 108 is the gateway to a higher form of being.  Which will ultimately increase the love you have for yourself when repeating the affirmations on a daily basis.  

I know I covered quite a bit of material so I’m going to quickly wrap it up with a few key pointers before you get started.

  • Say the affirmations right before you go to bed.
  • Repeat one affirmation 108 times or say all of the 108 magic affirmations one time each.
  • Do this for at least 21 consecutive days.

That’s it.  It’s so simple that you can’t not try it.

Without further ado, here they are:

I am magical

I have the ability to create magic anytime I want to

My body is coursing with magic

I have magical powers

I am the alchemist of my life

Magic is my superpower

I am a powerful magical being

I use my magic for the betterment of humanity

I use my magic wisely 

My magic is limitless

I am the creation of magic

My magical powers are infinite

I appreciate and respect my magic

I love my magical powers

I trust my magical powers

I trust my magic is needed

I own my magic

I am one with the universal magical source

Every part of my being is magical

I have the magical powers to create anything I want

Magic is my antidote to a life worth living

Through magic, I become aligned with the Universe

I openly receive my magic

I allow myself to be magical

I find fun ways to practice magic

My magic only knows love

I am fluent in magic

I find inspiration through magic

I am one with magic

Magic courses through my veins

My magic is of infinite potential

I have the ability to transform my life with magic

My magic is omnipotent 

Expressing my magic is cathartic

Magic is the essence of my being

I can create magic whenever I want

Magic is who I am

Magic is what brings me to the source of creation

I am worthy of magic

I am a magical being

I value my magic

I lovingly accept my magic

I love and enjoy my magic

Magic comes to me effortlessly 

I have a limitless supply of magic

I have the comfort of my magic

I am fulfilled with the magic I create

My magic makes me who I am

I respect my magic

I love my magical prowess

Every single part of me is magical

I am proud of my magic

I love and appreciate my magical abilities 

I love and appreciate my ability to heal through magic

I have the ability to create the life I deserve through magic

I surround myself with magic

I honor my magic on a daily basis

I am the power of magic

I love every part of my magic

I allow myself to shine with magic

I trust myself enough to practice magic

It is safe for me to love myself

I am filled with magic

I passionately allow myself to radiate with magic

The more I allow magic into my life, the more magical my life becomes

Every cell in my body flourishes with magic

I support myself with creating magic

I lovingly practice magic

I deserve the omnipotence of magic

I enrich myself with magic

I celebrate myself by creating magic

I imprint every part of being with magic

I am perfectly magical

I am at one with Divine magic

My magic benefits the world

My energy is magical

Magic is my greatest strength

Having a magical life is purposeful 

I fill myself with magic everyday

Magic lives within me

Creating magic is a life worth living

I am a beacon of great magical abilities

I empower myself with magic

I openly receive magic

I am a magical Goddess

I have a magical relationship with myself

I am blessed with a life filled with magic

I have everything I desire because I love myself

I nurture myself with magic everyday

I find fun ways to create magic

I allow myself to luxuriate with magic

Magic exudes out of every pure in my body

I am a sparkling, magical gem

My magic is a precious gift to be cherished

The magic I have in myself is a treasure to be cherished 

I bring magic to the lives I touch

I have an enormous amount of gratitude for the magic I possess 

I infuse every part of my life with magic

My heart is filled with magic

I have a magical relationship with myself

Every ounce of my magic is delectable 

My aura radiates with magic

My philosophy is creating magic

My magic provides me everything I desire

Magic is the force that guides my life

Magic is my creative self-expression

I create the life I dream of with the help of magic

Magic is my reality

There you have it.  108 magic affirmations.  

Remember, to reap the rewards, you have to do this for at least 21 consecutive days.  It gives your subconscious mind- the habit mind to reprogram itself with more magical thoughts to create the life touch want.  

Habits take on average 21 days to form so this isn’t a one time deal.  Change takes time and effort. But, with simple actions such as this, your life gets less complicated.  

Do you know anyone that can benefit from this?  Be sure to share it with them.  

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Have you tried this yet and if so, has it been beneficial for you?  Let me know in the comments below.

See ya soon…in the meantime, stay zenspired!

108 magic affirmations

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